"Partner, Creative & Strategy"

Do what you love, enjoy it, learn from it – then push it a step further.

My career has taken me around the globe building creative strategies for some of the biggest brands. I’ve been blessed with meeting too many amazing people to count and experiencing different cultures through music, art, architecture, food, religion – it’s my never ending goal to see and touch every part of the world. What I love most about this career: the close relationships that are formed with people.

I’ve built this balance: a strong brand strategy, a deep desire to find the big idea (and I’ll unearth anything and everything to get there), combined with an endless eye for design. Our biggest strength: building integrated brand and marketing experiences for our clients. Strategy, branding, creative, mass, all online/offline marketing channels. When I say integrated, I mean right down to shopper marketing, direct mail, CRM, retail design and experiential, literally, ALL.

Lemonade Limited is a collection of talented people and I’m lucky to work with each and every one of them. We have an innate passion to produce amazing work and build deep relationships with clients, based on trust and an unyielding commitment to results.

Brand experience: Scotiabank, Sprott Asset Management, Aeroplan, Meridian Credit Union, Pepsico, General Mills, KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Second Cup, Laura Secord, Quaker, Tropicana, Maple Leaf, ConAgra Foods, Le Meridien Hotels, GE, LG, Universal Studios, NHL, Bacardi, Medic Alert, EpiPen, Bayer, Egg farmers of Canada and Foodland Ontario, St. George’s Golf & Country Club and St. Joseph’s Hospital.


"Partner, Strategy"

Success is the result of doing a lot of little things really, really, really well.

What I love most about being in this business is collaborating with clients and the feeling of achieving results, together. Our client's corporate visions, become ours, their strategic objectives drive us as if we were sitting in desks beside them. We have no agenda other than great work and long lasting relationships. I am incredibly lucky and humbled to be working with the team at Lemonade Limited, I get so excited seeing the powerful creative that our team produces, like giddy excited.

I think my biggest strength is perspective. I have worked in so many unique situations, both client-side and agency side, Not for profit, and for profit. From financial services, QSR, CPG, automotive, sports marketing & sponsorship to health and wellness & alcohol/beverage. Put both B2B and B2C in the mix and experience with all marketing levers (strategy, branding, TV, broadcast, digital, social, print, direct, events, OOH, trade, retail and sponsorship). I have learned three things 1) no matter the industry or vertical, humans share common characteristics in their curiosity, desire to make people's lives better and ambition to be part of something a little bigger. 2) Without strong, imaginative and confident clients that believe in us, no great work would ever get done. It's not that we work for our clients, we work with them, but none of this would exist without their belief, vision and trust. 3) The answer is always YES.

Brand experience: Scotia Bank, BMO, Sprott, Canadian Securities Institute, KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Bell, Diego, Pepsico, National Basketball Association, Samsung, MGD, St. George's Golf and Country Club.


"Partner, Client Service"

Establishing trust with clients is the most important thing we do.

Trust may seem straightforward but a lot of work goes into establishing it. We as partners need to be passionate about the teams we work with and brands we work on. Passion drives us to learn more, and more, and more. Passion drives us to become experts, alongside our partners. With knowledge and passion we can collaborate on generating insights and strategic briefs that power the creative process. When clients start to see creative that reflects their vision and brand, trust starts to gain momentum. Flawless execution then makes our partners life simple, they can trust that we have their backs and executional excellence gives them peace of mind. With creative that reflects our passion and knowledge, with flawless execution happening, deadlines are being met, we are having fun and all learning in the process. Welcome to Lemonade Limited, where we strive for togetherness in the pursuit of excellence and powerful creative.

For the past 20 years I have built outstanding levels of trust with my clients, having managed some client relationships for 10+ years. I am proud of the lasting relationships I have built and I think my ability to take on every challenge with a smile and see an opportunity in every situation, has been a driving force in my relationship building ability. At Lemonade, we love creative (if you can’t tell) and every process or interaction we have with our clients is focused on achieving great creative. Leading smaller brands or the world’s largest brands changes very little in the need to establish trust and create togetherness with clients to achieve high performance.


"Partner, Creative"

There's always a big idea in my head waiting to get out.

When I look back on my childhood, my first memories are of me drawing and sketching because I love to create things. There was always a big idea in my head waiting to get on paper. For as long as I can remember it has been my passion, and has been a constant in my life. Needless to say, I love being creative – to have found a career that allows me to experiment and apply my passion daily, has been amazing.

My passion has taken me from big agencies to small agencies across so many of Canada’s, and the world’s, biggest brands. It has been a great journey with a plethora of learning. The best results I have ever been part of are when the brand, the idea and the strategy are the clear driving forces behind design and execution. Beautiful design that represents powerful idea-out thinking is what drives us at Lemonade Limited and what I am most proud of- that we are all so committed to the creative process. Solving our client’s challenges and helping them build equity, is what drives me, and unites us. To join forces with our talented team and bring all my experience with me, has helped create an environment, and vision, that the restless artist inside wanted to be apart of all along.

Brand experience: PepsiCo, ConAgra Foods, Best Buy Canada, BMO, BMW, DKNY, HP, IKEA, Ontario Toyota Dealers Association, Toronto Mount Sinai Hospital, Globe & Mail, Unilever, World Wildlife Fund and Yum! Canada.


"Senior Writer"

Choosing words carefully to bring the right brand voice to life.

One of my favourite things about working in this industry is the constant challenge of finding just the right words that speak for a particular brand. And being able to do this with a team of like-minded professionals, who are equally passionate about their craft, makes it all the better. Add great clients to the mix and we be like, LET’S DO THIS!

I think one of my biggest strengths would have to be curiousity. I love learning about different businesses – what they do, what challenges them, what makes them tick, what keeps them up at night. Collaborating with clients and using the information they give us in a strategic way to create insightful work that resonates with their customers is pretty great. The team at Lemonade Limited has been in this business for quite a while, so I think it’s safe to say, we know what we’re doing. When our clients trust us and believe in our work, it’s amazing what we can come up with, together.

Brand experience: Nissan, Nike, Aveeno, Neutrogena, Clean & Clear, Credit Unions of Ontario, St. Joseph’s Hospital, KFC, Pizza Hut, Meridian Financial, Cogeco, American Express, Kraft, Bell, Saturn, Saab, BMO, Hyundai, Scotiabank, Levis, Ministry of Health, Royal Bank, Mead Johnson, British Airways, TD Bank


"Technology Director"

I love bringing things to life. A dreamer and a builder, my passion is spending time pursuing creative technology and applying that knowledge as a mobile/web solutions consultant and developer to brands and startups alike.

Helping startup companies to create and improve on their products has fueled my own interest in solving needs through innovation and development. I enjoy introducing people to all forms of digital media and what can be accomplished.

When ideas and technology come together, people notice.

Brand experience: IKEA, Best Buy Canada, Domino’s Pizza, New York Fries, Just For Laughs, Molson Coors, Ryerson University, St. George’s Golf and Country, Toshiba, Tourism Toronto, Unilever, Virgin Mobile, Order Now, Reach App, ThinkDirty App, Appliance Love, Every Last Detail (Land Rover, Jaguar), Future Stack, Wire Head, Ashlar Urban, Avatar Secrets, Fogo Island Inn, Fresh TV, Life Wire, Revolver Films, The Lab Magazine and TVO Future Now.


"Art Director"

Making my clients look good makes me happy.

A painter, a knitter and a 2 year old that reminds me to be a kid again every day. On top of that, I’ve been designing for 15 years now, specializing in print and web for both profit and not for profit companies. What I love most about my line of work is in the fine details and helping brands develop an array of promotional tools to boost them to the foreground.

When you find a job, a team and clients that bring joy to your work everyday – life is good.

Brand experience: Air Canada, BMO, IFIC, CFIQ, Cake Beauty, Shoppers Drug Mart, PAIL Network, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Mars, Maple Leaf, Orville, Weston, Johnson & Johnson, Kellogg’s, Fiat, Nintendo, Nescafé and Nestle.


"Team Cuddler"

My expectations are high when petting and cuddling are required. This team is dope!
Although James has not been as receptive due to a minor allergy, but I am wearing him down with my cuteness.


"Account Management"

Master of making-it-happen and putting smiles on face

What I do best is make everything run smoothly. I have over 23 years in this industry organizing and managing the workflows of agencies. I enjoy working every day with the great minds of creative, suits and accounting – all rolled into one. I love this business and I’m the sponge that soaks up continued growth, change and new ideas. Learning and sharing is me – I’m definitely a people person.

My specialty: you name it, I’ll organize it.

Our creative chops cover everything from mass, print to digital – creating a brand voice and consistency across all mediums. Partner’s is what we are. We adopt you, it’s the level of dedication we give. And we give our all. We are small and extremely talented. Our niche is providing high-end quality, right from the source, it’s that simple and straightforward.

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