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"Partner, Client Service"

Trust may seem straightforward but a lot of work goes into establishing it. We as partners need to be passionate about the teams we work with and brands we work on. Passion drives us to learn more, and more, and more. Passion drives us to become experts, alongside our partners. With knowledge and passion we can collaborate on generating insights and strategic briefs that power the creative process. When clients start to see creative that reflects their vision and brand, trust starts to gain momentum. Flawless execution then makes our partners life simple, they can trust that we have their backs and executional excellence gives them peace of mind. With creative that reflects our passion and knowledge, with flawless execution happening, deadlines are being met, we are having fun and all learning in the process. Welcome to Lemonade Limited, where we strive for togetherness in the pursuit of excellence and powerful creative. For the past 20 years I have built outstanding levels of trust with my clients, having managed some client relationships for 10+ years. I am proud of the lasting relationships I have built and I think my ability to take on every challenge with a smile and see an opportunity in every situation, has been a driving force in my relationship building ability. At Lemonade, we love creative (if you can’t tell) and every process or interaction we have with our clients is focused on achieving great creative. Leading smaller brands or the world’s largest brands changes very little in the need to establish trust and create togetherness with clients to achieve high performance.