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Bridging the past with the future

Blondie’s has a 90 year history in the Dry Cleaning space, a blessing, and in some cases, a curse. Under new ownership, Blondie’s faced challenges to separate from a 90 year perception that had developed in their community. In what is a very tactically driven company and industry, Blondie’s has aspirations of becoming more. Communications in this category are driven by: 24 hour turnaround (everyone can provide), price reductions (everyone can provide), green clean technology (everyone can provide) or delivery/pick up services (everyone can provide).

Leather Jacket Ad: “Just because it’s bad ass, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be clean. Don’t worry, we won’t tell the bike or the old lady. Our cleaning experts will take care to make sure your leather jacket keeps on looking, feeling and smelling great. You obsess over the bike. We’ll obsess over the cleaning.”

Our Strategy: Move beyond tactical “un-ownable” statements and become true partners with their clients and community for life, through all life’s moments. We developed a brand strategy and vision that created a bridge from the Blondie’s of old to today and set a vision for tomorrow. We broke through clutter in a significant way and made their employees brand advocates. Blondies saw a 52% increase in year over year sales within six months of launch.

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The work has been nothing short of amazing. Their insights into a new industry has astonished me and is literally going to create a revolution in the dry cleaning industry.”

— Marc Kobrosli, President

Advertising reflected the obvious reasons to partner with Blondie’s for your dry cleaning and linked it to an emotional choice. Have your wedding dress cleaned so it’s ‘Perfect like the first time you tried it on.’ Or maybe your favourite leather jacket ‘Just because it’s bad ass, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be clean’. And most importantly, you simply want to go to Blondie’s ‘For that ‘don’t lift a finger’ clean’.

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