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Local sustainability is on everyone’s mind, and in a community like Chatham-Kent, agriculture is abundant and extremely important to the viability of the community. Chatham-Kent has one of the most bountiful agricultural assets in the County. For two years, a group of local volunteers and farmers had been putting on a unique farm-to-plate event called The Chatham-Kent Table – a rare experience that puts the emphasis on local farmers and local producers. Farmers would actually help prepare, serve, and educate attendees on the food they were eating and the process by which it arrived on their plate. There really is no event like it. The challenge that The Chatham-Kent Table had was low awareness and how to grow their footprint/influence in the local sustainability movement.

“Farmers would actually help prepare, serve, and educate attendees on the food they were eating .”

Our strategy: We developed a brand architecture, changed the strategic approach, moving from an event once a year, to a year-round dialogue highlighting locally produced foods, farmers and the local artisans in the community. By telling powerful stories of local farmers and their passion through TV, digital, social, print and PR we garnered provincial, national and international recognition and attention. So much so that in 2014, Chatham-Kent Table won the Ontario Culinary Tourism Event of the Year, while also being approached by provincial and national agriculture bodies to form strategic partnerships. Mission accomplished indeed.

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