Freshly squeezed lemonade coming right up ...

It’s only natural that we love this

These days there is more and more pressure from consumers to buy local and have a smaller footprint on the world. We are quicker to reach for medication for a headache, stress, dry skin, aches and pains than looking for a natural alternative to the same problems.

When client approached us with their aromatherapy products and desire to create a brand behind wanting to help people feel healthy and happy in a natural way – we jumped right in. And when a care package arrived with products to try, well, it was definitely a good motivator.

“Helping people feel healthy and happy in a natural way."

It’s a wonderful feeling helping clients help their clients. After all, it’s only natural to go back to using plants and oils that have been healing our minds and bodies since the beginning.

Our strategy: develop the brand and its approach to market including the hand-painted logo for the natural look, tagline, product categories and copy, clean and simple packaging, social, website and booth design.

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