Freshly squeezed lemonade coming right up ...

40 years of perfection

Pickle Barrel has a long and impressive catering history. Take one look at their catering operation and it is clear you are dealing with the GTA's most reliable catering experts, committed to delivering Real Fresh Food. From the catering consultants to the staff in at 3:00 am getting ready for the day, the entire team is focused on one thing: delivering a consistent Real Fresh Food experience. 

Once we created the digital strategy for Pickle Barrel's Real Fresh Food brand and applied it to their restaurant website, it was time to extend it to their catering e-commerce site. Our goal was to create a site at the intersection of user experience and appetite appeal with the objective to create a seamless ordering process.

What takes this site to the next level? Helping to reduce tension and stress during the planning and ordering process. To achieve this, we worked side-by-side with the team to address the concerns customers have when ordering online. Integrating the catering teams experience, accumulated over 1.2 million events, is what makes this digital experience a leader in the industry.

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