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Fan favs

If you're a North American hunter you already know that Canada in the Rough™ has been named the "Fan Favourite" TV Show, the "Best Overall Canadian Show" and most recently the "Best Show Overall" and "Best Host".

The new website was designed to archive all 11 seasons and future seasons. If fans have missed episodes, they can easily access an episode or explore past episodes using a map of North America to target a specific location or species. Each video links to informative related videos specific to sponsors, gear and outfitters making this not only a site for entertainment and education but also the ultimate directory for the serious hunter.

Fans can check out news and event announcements so they can follow their favourite hosts as they make appearances at the outdoor show circuit across North America or join in on daily conversation through Facebook feeds. Whether you're at home or on your next hunting adventure you can access Canada In The Rough anywhere on any device.

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