Freshly squeezed lemonade coming right up ...

Change is happening

Sprott Asset Management (SAM) has a rich history in creating investment products that Financial Advisors use to build and protect the financial future of their clients. SAM is an ambitious organization that wanted to develop a forward thinking brand that truly captured the power of the organization and let Advisors know exactly who they were. With so much change in the industry and change in SAM’s approach, it was time to create a bridge form the past to the future. Who SAM was is not who SAM is today and not who they aspire to be tomorrow.

“Develop a forward thinking brand that truly captures the power of the organization.”

Our Strategy: capturing SAM’s new and alternative way of thinking, while positioning them as an unrivaled solution that Advisors can partner with to “round-out” their client portfolios. Have a look at the creative below and discover how SAM is inspiring a new way of thinking.

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Brand strategy, tagline, new logo, look and feel, TV, web, digital, OOH, print, direct, CRM, video.

“Every so often in my career I come across people who I want to work with forever. Possibly on the top of that short list is the Lemonade Limited team. Their creative is intuitive, beautiful, and smart. Their execution is excellent, and is happily supported by a positive, ‘we’ll get it done’ attitude. If you choose to work with them, you are in for a great experience.”

— Drew Williams, Head of Marketing

Changing perceptions, inside and out

Once the entire SAM team was aligned to our new strategy, branding and updated look and feel – it was time to create champions and to introduce Canada to the new Sprott Asset Management. We developed a creative campaign for a national roadshow and a launch event for employees that introduced the new brand and brought employees together to create brand advocates.

Web, digital, print, XM, OOH, direct, CRM

The roadshow campaign broke engagement records across media tactics and the employee launch was a key first step in building brand champions